• Universities are invited to participate in the program by nominating six of their brightest senior students (3rd and 4th year only) from the marketing, business administration and travel & tourism, hospitality and streams. Nominees are sent an online kit containing the necessary application guidelines, brief background information on DSS, and a letter congratulating them on their nomination. 
  • Students are asked to fill-out the application form on the online portal for the apprenticeship program, which includes an upload of personal material such as digital photograph of them and CV. 
  • In addition, they must also answer the following essay question, with a limit of 500 words “You have been assigned the position of Chief Marketing Officer for Dubai Summer Surprises, What would you do differently for DSS 2014, in terms of promoting and positioning this event for your local market.” 
  • A jury comprising of key DSS staff and other marketing professionals evaluate the entries and select nominees from each participating country.

Winners are chosen based on the quality of their essays and thoroughness in completing the required nomination documents, as well as their expressed character, ambition, energy and potential to make valuable contributions to the betterment of DSS.

The Dubai Summer Surprises Apprenticeship Program gives winners the opportunity to build valuable corporate skills and gain exposure to best practices in business administration, marketing and events management by training alongside the talented experts who are responsible for putting together DSS. The students get hands-on experience working on preparations leading up to the launch of DSS as well the chance to visit and audit key events during the festival period. The Program also presents winners with a unique and valuable opportunity to establish a great network of potential future employers and corporate mentors.

The winning apprentices each receive:

  • An all expense paid trip to Dubai for two weeks courtesy of DFRE. The students will be hosted at one of the world’s leading business hospitality management schools, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, part of the Dubai-based Jumeirah Group.
  • Invaluable training and exposure to best practices in business administration, marketing and event management by working closely with the Dubai Summer Surprises team.
  • An opportunity to establish a good network of potential future employers and/or corporate mentors.